Chimera blanks

Blankwerks is happy to announce the release of its newest venture, Chimera Blanks.  These blanks are cast in house at Blankwerks.  We’ve been developing a pouring technique that gives us a very unique blank.  So unique that not only are no two blanks alike, but also the pen you turn from the blank possibly will look nothing like the blank it came from. With those qualities in mind, I thought the name Chimera was an appropriate fit.

Without going all the way to the Greek origin of the word, the Oxford English Dictionary defines Chimera, as being "An unreal creature of the imagination, a mere fancy; an un-found conception." Along with these two meanings are a host of variants on the root word:

Chimeric is something that is "fanciful or imaginary";

Chimerical is something "of the nature of the chimera; vainly or fantastically conceived"; and

Chimerize is the act of indulging "in chimeras, indulge and foster wild and unfounded fancies."

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